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    This is hard to comment on OK, I can be crass at times, but i'm 99.1% never seirous. But when i'm out with a woman and the topic comes up, well if it comes up too early, I kind of brush it aside, snicker and tell myself, I won't be sleeping with her. If it comes up and I have no intentions of sleeping with the person, I kind of do something like pick up my menu and make a face, leaving just enough of my face uncovered, but enough that I can act like it was unintentional. If it's a woman I want to sleep with, I do okay for myself and we'll see are about as far as i'll go.Can I just say that most men try and talk s*x to see if they can bed the chick easy or quick? Or to try and see how she is in the bedroom? I think that a woman can be sensual and s*xy without talking about it. Just in the way that she carries herself, talks, and her nonverbal communication.

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