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Name This Game
Name This Game (494)
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Vous allez pouvoir jouer au jeu name this game, un des meilleurs jeux divers !
Ce jeu a été un joué par 8162 autres joueurs et possède une note de 4.6 sur 5.

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    You know, it does not sound like you spend enugoh time with your son, or at least don't play enugoh video games with him! I would suggest to play video games with him once in a while, just to spend some time in his world to understand what he is talking about. And then you would not have to ask questions of strangers about your son's feelings and thoughts. To answer your question though, most people that I know play games without cheats to begin with. Then, later on, when the game has been passed or played all the way through to the end, then you use cheats to open a new dimension of the game. Most games you spend at least half the time collecting stuff and looking for things. But when you have cheats on, you are just playing. It's like having to cook something, you have to go out and find the ingredients for your recipe, and then you have to gather the utensils for preparing the ingredients. While that is just as entertaining, it is just as interesting, if not more, to be able to cook or prepare something right away. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?!

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    Please keep thorwing these posts up they help tons.

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    hbnuj v tion

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