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    Hi Mash,Thx for your comment. Regarding Swing trade, first of all I ulalsuy only focus on stocks that has the strongest relative strength, those are stocks that have the most chances of going up. On the entry point, most of the time I enter after a period of consolidation, I mostly only enter when the stock break-out, rather than anticipating it to breakout. I think it is important to enter after the stock has formed a good base, as the risk-reward ratio is higher, and it is easier to set the stop price. On duration, it is hard to generalize, but if the trade did not go up after 1-2 days after I enter, I will look to sell it. Personally I don't like to hold losing trades. The important thins is to find good risk-reward set up. e.g. Stock is at $10, and if you set stop at $9.5, I would look at the trade to at least has a 2:1 reward-risk ratio, that means my target would be at least $11. Most traders would only be right half of the time, so it is important to have a higher profit% for winners than for losers%. I don't use trailing stop. I think a good list for swing trade is to use the earnings breakout list.Many of the stocks after a good earnings date won't go straight up, some of them will consolidate first. So it is a good list to look for possible candidate.Regards,Ant

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    Hey, good to find semoone who agrees with me. GMTA.