Zombie Survival

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Zombie Survival (2213) Votes : 21 Note : 4.3/5 Joué : 4263

Vous allez pouvoir jouer au jeu zombie survival, un des meilleurs jeux de zombie ! Description à venir...

Ce jeu a été un joué par 4263 autres joueurs et possède une note de 4.3 sur 5.

Zombie Survival

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    KDY7OC Thank you for your article.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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    omg ....

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    Putain je suis allé jusqu'au niveau 11, c'est super Hard.

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    magnifique <3

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    magnifique <3

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    Well first, I would try to get as much food and water I could find and put it in tuperware idinse gallon sized bags, to keep me from smelling like food on my journey. I would then find a piece of wood roughly 4 ft. by 6 ft, and make a shield out of it, a useful tool when trying to stop zombies from getting too close in tight situations. I might later modify it by putting sharp, small objects on the front, maybe extra sharp nails. I would then find whatever lethal objects I could, and carry a few reliable weapons on me at all times. I would then try to rally up all of the important people in my life, and avoid strangers, unless the situation got too out of hand, and I'm forced into survival by staying in packs and my family is already dead. I would attempt to get into a pharmacy at some point on my journey of survival, and I would take all of the speed/adrenaline drugs I could find, as to keep my focus and reaction time up, eliminate necessity of sleep, and keep my metabolism slower. Not having to sleep and being in a cracked out state of mind in a survival situation sounds pretty advantageous to me. My days would be divided up into 3 s. First, Whoever was sleeping at our night haven would wake up at sunrise, and we would eat a quick meal (likely an uncooked grain-based food with water) before starting our daily 6 hour walk. When the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, we stop walking, and find our new night haven. The night haven has to be a room with one entrance, solid walls, preferably no windows, and enough space for the group. Once we find the night haven, we eat again and then do our last phase, search and gather. This is the most dangerous part of the day, we cover the most ground during this time, and often come into interactions with zombies, sometimes more than five of them at once. If we had six or more people in the group, we would split up into two groups, to make the search more effective. At sunset we would head back to night haven with whatever we found and perform a gear check, as well as eat and rest up. Before dark fall we do quiet leisure activities, like reading, boardgames, cards, whatever we can find. At night time, we would try to have at least one person awake, but most of the times two. If the area we were in was hot (full of crazy ass zombies), we would have three awake. Those three would just sit and listen, with no tiredness and pure focus (drugs), for the whole night. If there was an attack, the watchers would wake up the rest of the group through a soundless alarm (jerking a string connected to the hands of those sleeping) and attempt to either a) defend the night haven all night or b) fight off the first wave of zombies and flee. Most of the time b is the best option, as zombie attacks are usually loud and more zombies will be at the location in five minutes or less. Our retreat would be planned well before hand; most of our food would be within easy reaching grab from those sleeping, and all we needed was food, as other commodities were easy to find at new locations. Eventually, we would be rescued, as humans will always be able to defeat zombies with the combination of Intelligence and technology, and rescue would probably be within a month at most.

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    AKAIK you've got the asnewr in one!

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    mais tin le jeu y fout la mort y plane du q

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    trop dur