Jeu de Mahjong

Jeu de Mahjong (309) Votes : 21 Note : 4.2/5 Joué : 14758

Vous allez pouvoir jouer au jeu jeu de mahjong, un des meilleurs jeux de mahjong ! Un nouveau Mah Jongg en flash. Le but est de cliquer sur 2 symboles identiques pour les faire disparaître. Le niveau de difficulté est assez simple, et les graphismes sont particulièrement attrayants.

Ce jeu a été un joué par 14758 autres joueurs et possède une note de 4.2 sur 5.

Jeu de Mahjong

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    It's going to be a little hard for Jill and me to teach you MahJhong with you being all the way aorund the planet like that. Not that she and I have actually ever finished a game.Here's a hint: mostly you just make fun little walls with the tiles, like you are building a two-tile-high square fence aorund a courtyard. Then have each person in turn look at one of the wall tiles, scrutinize it closely, then shout any single syllable you might ever have heard Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee say. While grunting emphatically in this way, slam the tile face up in the center of the board with a look of disgust. This bluff works at any I've got to find some Jackie Chan & Bruce Lee movies to study

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    Wow I must confess you make some very trencnhat points.

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